Preparing for the auditioning process

We have had the privilege of having a number of our students be accepted to and even earn significant scholarships to some of the most prestigious music schools in the country. We’ve also had multiple students receive roles in numerous professional productions. Because of this, we are often contacted by students who are looking for help in preparing for auditions (college, professional, etc.).  

We offer the following advice in order to assist anyone who may be looking to audition for performance opportunities or music/theatre programs.

  • College/University music and theatre programs are extremely competitive. In order to maximize your opportunity for success, a minimum of two years of study is recommended. Most of our more successful students have had at least four years of private instruction preparing for school auditions. The sooner you make an appointment to get started, the sooner we can help you on your road to success.
  • Throughout the year, we offer multiple performance opportunities (recitals, workshops, NATS musical theatre/classical auditions, Classical Singer auditions, etc.). We strongly encourage you to take advantage of as many of these as possible. They all strengthen your audition skills.
  • Every audition is different. In order to best prepare, you must know the requirements for your chosen audition opportunity well in advance. 
  • If you are seriously considering a career in stage performance, the study of dance is imperative. In addition to helping you with body awareness and movement, most schools actually have a dance/movement element as part of their auditions. Certainly, any professional roles you may wish to pursue will require this as well. 
  • As with any career, there is a good bit of investment to be expected in order to reach your goals. This includes lessons (music, dance, acting, etc.), time, travel, and especially individual practice. 
  • Above all, the best way to get really great at auditioning is to audition a lot! As with any skill, the more you do it the more likely you are to improve.

We at McDaniel Music Studios look forward to assisting you in whatever way possible to help you realize your dreams.