We are a Professional Voice and Instrumental Studio in Shelby, NC

Welcome to McDaniel Music Studios.  McDaniel Music Studios is a private voice studio that is the home for one full-time voice instructor, a Tony Award Winning Artist-in-Residence, one part-time piano accompanist, and two part-time instrumental instructors. 

Our teaching philosophy is simple. We look at each singer/student as an Olympic Athlete, whether they are a beginner who wants to develop their talent, or they are an experienced professional continuing to hone their craft. 

No matter where they are on their path, our goal for our students is the gold medal, .  Whether the dream has just manifested in them, or it has been a part of their lives since birth.  We will get them there, they just have to do the work...while we show them the way.

Voice Lessons Teach:

  • Vocal Technique
  • Vocal Production-On Stage and in the Studio
  • Character in Song
  • Various Genres
  • Discovering your Voice
  • Confidence
  • How to Act and Sing at the Same Time
  • Preparing for the Professional World
  • How to Audition

Acting Lessons Teach:

  • Monologue Work
  • Shakespeare Analysis and Performance
  • Improvisation skills
  • Emotional Connectivity
  • Scene Work
  • Character Development

Instrumental Lessons Teach:

  • Proper Technique
  • Confidence
  • Basic Music Notation and Theory
  • Basic to Advanced Pieces
  • Brass instruments lessons
  • Cello lessons 
  • Beginner woodwind lessons
  • Piano lessons